No. 130 – August 2022

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The Life Ineyesight® Issue No. 130, August 2022 impresses with great topics and amusing reading material.

  Inhaltsthemen aus der Life InSight® Ausgabe Nr. Nr. 130, August 2022

Content topics from Life InSight® Issue #130, August 2022


deaf news
News from the world of the deaf

O2 can do
Hotline for the hearing impaired and sign speakers

Generation Mask: Joint school leaving certificate
Paulinenpflege Winnenden celebrates for the first time since Corona

The Hot Seat: Ignorance is no defense against punishment
Criticism of the demo from 25.6. in Berlin

TV voice amplifier OSKAR
Perfect listening pleasure when watching TV

Public broadcasters knew nothing about Deaflympics
Failure at the DGSV

Exceptional Deaf…
who you probably didn't know are hard of hearing

MED-EL: Sound Sensation Festival
Hearing Aid Manufacturer Global Music Festival

Accessibility in Germany
EU Commission starts procedure


ICKE – Curtiusstraße boarding school culture events
Music and comedy with Toby Käp and Boris Gott

The Deaf Poetry Slam that didn't happen
Successful ZAMMA Culture Festival Upper Bavaria despite initial difficulties

Citizen award ceremony: Trier OK54 amount wins
Melanie Bohnert honored for "Deaf people in the Corona period"

Excursion to the "Blue Lake"
First trip for deaf-blind people and those affected by Usher after the compulsory Corona break

110 years of the Bautzen Association for the Deaf
Great party for the big anniversary


Interview Benjamin Piwko
In conversation with the popular actor about his ZDF TV film "You shall hear"

From the life of a chimney sweep
Vincent Kotzan about his education and the first job market

DGB presidency election
Helmut Vogel in office for another four years


Loved by strangers – go or stay?
What happens when you fall in love with someone else in the relationship...


Fun and exercise at the family sports festival
Deaf sports club Oldenburg 1942 e. V. celebrates its 80th anniversary

German electric kart championship for the deaf
Electricity instead of petrol in the blood? New challenge for all drivers

16th Bavarian Deaf Sports Festival
Small but mighty! A festival of superlatives in Landshut

2nd Deaf Nation Cup
Bowling competitions in Graz

Flash Tom successful on different continents
Runners Eller superior at the Big Five Marathon, the Paris City Run and the Zermatt-Matterhorn Ultramarathon

Petra Klein is the state coach
GSNRW Announces Appointment of Former Athlete


Wild days in the deaf community


What powders can do




Preview topics for the next Life Ineyesight® Issue #131

Petra Klein is the state coach

Sport News: Petra Klein and Steffen Rosswig

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